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1 a blast of a horn
2 revelry in drinking; a merry drinking party [syn: carouse, carousal, bender, booze-up] v : make a loud noise; "The horns of the taxis blared" [syn: honk, blare, beep, claxon]

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  1. The noise of a horn or whistle.
    He gave a little toot of the horn, to get their attention.


  1. To stand out, or be prominent.
  2. To peep; to look narrowly.
  3. To see; to spy.
  4. To flatulate.
  5. To make the noise of a horn or whistle.
  6. To cause a horn or whistle to make its noise
  7. To go on a drinking binge

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advertise, announce, annunciate, bacchanal, bacchanalia, bacchanalian, bagpipe, bat, bay, beep, bell, bender, binge, blare, blast, blat, blow, blow a horn, blow the horn, bout, bray, broadcast, bugle, bust, carillon, carousal, carouse, celebration, clarion, compotation, debauch, disseminate, doodle, double-tongue, drinking bout, drunk, drunken carousal, escapade, fanfare, fife, fling, flourish of trumpets, flute, guzzle, honk, jag, lark, lip, orgy, peal, pipe, ploy, potation, proclaim, pub-crawl, publish, randan, randy, revel, shriek, sound, sound a tattoo, sound taps, spree, squeal, symposium, tantara, tantarara, taps, tarantara, tattoo, tear, tongue, tootle, triple-tongue, trumpet, trumpet blast, trumpet call, tweedle, wassail, whistle, wind, wind the horn, wingding
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